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ToCo Newsletter - June 2020

Summer time is here. This month we have 7 new priority releases to keep you busy.

1) New track from Van Maximilian - At My Worst will be released globally on 26 June 2020 (Priority AA)*.
Van Maximilian is the moniker of LA based pop/indie/EDM artist Van Maximilian Carlson, whose open hearted melodies and cinematic soundscape are inspired by his background in film, as well as a love of blending disparate genres to create a sound that is as unexpected as it is up-lifting. His first release At My Worst is a high quality dance track that you will keep looping on your music player or in clubs/radios.

               Listen Link:

2) New single from Anonic x Samantha Cole – Night Thing will be released globally on 5 June 2020 (Priority A)*.
This Spring, Anonic (alias: Rob Davis) teams up with Samantha Cole brings you a new topical transatlantic tune ‘’Night Thing’’.
Samantha was signed to Universal & EMI at her very young age and written a lot of big hits songs for Diane Warren, Boyz II Men, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and many more throughout her career. She has released ‘’Midnight confession’’ & ‘’Hitchhiker’’ in 2019 through ToCo.

Listen Link:

3) The latest release from Daïtshi feat. Jænne- I Feel will hit the streaming platforms on 5 June 2020*.
Daitshi is a Japanese Deep House producer & artist, he had his break-through in 2015 with the single ‘’Coming After You’’ which received millions of streams.
‘’Her’’ & ‘’Broken Guy’’ were both released by ToCo International earlier this year. Check the out the new lyric video in the package.

Listen Link:

4) The new single from Chia Rose - Naked (Dr CigZag Mix) will be released globally on 12 June 2020 (Priority A)*.
The sensual new track is sure to bring her new fans. In 2018, Chia Rose released her first single ‘’Enough Of A Woman’’ with ToCo,  this Spring she returns with a new dance track. Chia Rose, aka Ellie Bekka Gonzalvez, is a versatile young artist of British-Indian heritage. You can find more information about her in the download package.

Listen Link:

5) The new remix of Noah – Beyond (Digital Kay Remix) will be released globally on 19 June 2020 (Priority A)*.
Beyond was released in end 2019 and it received very good feedback. It has received 820k radio listeners and was on #12 Music Worx International Chart.
Our In-house producer Digital Kay brings you a new vibe with his remixes.

Listen Link:

6) Well known Spanish producer Gabi Newman has joined ToCo to release his latest single feat. Chia Rose – (And It) Hurtz (Sunset Mix). This one will be released globally on 19 June 2020 (Priority A)*.
(And It) Hurtz original was released in March 2020 and received good respond.
Gabi Newman joined ToCo as a priority artist this year. His first dance single released under ToCo International is teamed up with Chia Rose who has previously released ‘’Enough Of A Woman’’. Gabi Newman is a Spanish producer who was previously an in-house producer for Blanco Y Negro. Get yourself ready for Gabi Newman !

Listen Link:

7) The latest release from Italianthieves feat. Lol - All I Want will be released globally on 12 June 2020 (Priority A)*.
Italianthieves is a DJ & producer from Italy. His first debut release was in 2013. You can find the bio in the download link below. This catchy little tune will have you whistling or humming along before you know it.

Listen Link:

Stay Tuned:

  • Zephyrtone new single ‘’Hurts Like Hell’’ will be released in July, more information to follow
  • Rob Davis new LP ‘’Chakratrax’’, a new ambient album inspired by the practice of yoga will be released in late June, more information to follow


  • Zaydro feat. Jess Hayes – Who Are You charted at #2 on Music Worx International Weekly Charts Top 50 on week 20 😊
  • Cheryl Tugade – Think Of You charted at #47 on Music Worx International Weekly Charts Top 50 on week 20
  • Chris Odd feat. Amber Sky – We Own Tonight (The Remixes) charted at #27 on Music Worx International Weekly Charts Top 50 on week 21

Other notable ToCo releases this month

Chrizz Morisson & Flo Gimme Your Love 2K20  (Release date 26 June 2020)*
Andrea Masullo feat. Wendy Lewis Party Here Party There (Release date 17 June 2020)***
Gianpiero Xp House 54 (Release date 24 June 2020)***
Downtown 69 feat. Bee Brown Take The Sound (Release date 26 June 2020)***




For the link to listen, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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