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ToCo Newsletter - April 2020

This month we have 4 new priority releases and a Music Worx chart #1 single to remind you about.



The latest single from Chris Odd (ft. Jess Hayes) – Heavy Heart will be released globally on 24 April 2020 (Priority A)*.
After last year "We Used To Have It All', Chris Odd and Jess Hayes are delivering a massive bright new tune for this spring called "Heavy Heart".

Listening Link:


The debut release from The Electrodes - Now Or Never will be released globally on 3 April 2020 (Priority A)*
The Electrodes are an EDM duo coming fresh out of East India with their own unique sound. Passion is the best word that can describe their music. The duo are more than just a performer and a music producer, they see themselves as artists whose canvas is the human ear. Now Or Never is their first single to release with ToCo International, more are in the pipeline. Give them your full support.

Listening Link:
Listening Link: (Available on 3 April 2020)


The new track from Voyager2 feat. Jess Hayes – Misleading Me will be released globally on 10 April 2020 (Priority A)*.
Voyager2 (Rob Davis’ alias ) teams up with Jess Hayes for a dance track. As you may remember, Jess Hayes has been the vocalist in a lot of ToCo releases, for example ‘’Who Are You’’, ‘’Keep On Walking’’, ‘’We Used To Have It All’’.  Jess Hayes’ smooth and appealing voice makes her one of the most-streamed ToCo’s artists.

Listening Link:


New track from Gabi Newman feat. Chia Rose – (And It) Hurtz will be released globally on 17 April 2020 (Priority A)*.
Gabi Newman joined ToCo as a priority artist this year. His first dance single released under ToCo International is teamed up with Chia Rose who has previously released ‘’Enough Of A Woman’’. Gabi Newman is a Spanish producer who was previously an in-house producer for Blanco Y Negro. Get your dancing shoes ready for Gabi Newman!

Listening Link:


Stay Tuned:

  • Zephyrtone & Shane Hendrix’ second collaboration ‘’Know Your Name’’ will be released on 1 May, more information to follow
  • Justin Ripassa, new track ‘’Coming Home’’ will be released on 22 May (postponed from April), more information to follow
  • Digital Kay first single in 2020 ‘’Feel’’ will be released on 8 May, more information to follow
  • Samantha ColeHitchhiker (The Remixes) will be released in May, more information to follow



  • DJ The Wave – You’re So Basic is this week’s #1 on Music Worx International Weekly Charts Top 50 on week 13
  • Noah - Beyond charted at #12 on Music Worx International Weekly Charts Top 50 on week 13
  • Zaydro feat. Jess Hayes – Who Are You charted at #13 on Music Worx International Weekly Charts Top 50 on week 13
  • Chris Odd feat. Amber Sky – We Own Tonight (The Remixes) charted at #30 on Music Worx International Weekly Charts Top 50 on week 13


Other notable ToCo releases this month

PercMerc Get Geeky (Release date 08 April 2020)*
Xaverius Funk Wicked (D-Wayne Remix) (Release date 9 April 2020)***
Eneli feat. Tobi Ibitoye Nowhere (naBBoo & Todd Haze Remix) (Release date 15 April 2020)***
Harris & Hurr Back & Forth (Woody Bianchi Remix)***
Lorenz Koin Dancefloor Anthem (Release date 1 April 2020)***
Moon Arch I Feel (Release date 15 April 2020)***
Ryan Claud I'll Be There For You




For the link to listen, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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