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The Story of DJ Jump and Sikania



DJ Jump (born Giampaolo De Cesare in 1977) is a renowned Italian DJ & Producer recognised for his quality dance productions.

He has worked with some of the most prestigious Italian labels and has remixed several dance hits by several famous local artists and the internationally popular Edward Maya.

2014 marked the beginning of a new collaboration for DJ Jump when he teamed up with Bang Records debuting with the song "Keep On Fightin", this time accompanied by the beautiful voice of Sushy.

The success continued in 2015 and 2016 with the release of "Alchemical Love" by his parallel project J-Art, lifted by the voice of Rebecca S., while his track "Brothers of the Light" featuring Dino Brown ushered in the beginning of that winter season. 

Soon after a new collaboration with the Sicilian folk band "The Bleach" prompted the birth of the single "Sikania", an energetic folk/dance reveller.

With “Sikania” DJ Jump has performed the almost unique trick of transforming the completely different genre of Traditional Folk into Pure Dance.

The sample was played live by the Sicilian band The Bleach and the original version was completed with the voice of Gretha Ellis. The original version has over 350,000 views on YT and over 60,000 streams on Spotify.

The recent release of “Sikania (M****A Remix)” has seen the single evolve into a full on party tune suitable for any club or party and is the hottest mix of all the tracks released under this title to date.


The Story of “Sikania”

While DJ Jump was looking for a different melody from the usual, he came across a medieval melody with a very particular sound. Mulling over it with his A&R team they suggested the name of a local Sicilian band, The Bleach, with whom he could experiment fusing his electronic sounds with their live folk.

Soon after the first collaboration was born - the single called “Sikania”. The name is a tribute to Sicily, the place that every year hosts DJ Jump for his summer tour that counts more than 15 gigs throughout the island from the end of July until early September.

Two years after its first debut in Italy “Sikania” is still played on some of the main dance floors of Italian nightlife and will no doubt soon be heard far and wide.


Played by the main Italian national radio stations, among them:

  • RadioDEEJAY
  • Radio 105
  • m2o Radio

Included in the main Dance music compilations in Italy:

  • HIT MANIA DANCE Summer 2016 (The best-selling in Italy)
  • M2o Music Xperience Compilation 2016;
  • Verano Hits 2016.


SIKANIA made its debut in the "Spotify Chart Italy Daily - VIRAL" ranking in 33rd place, remaining in the standings for a month until finally reaching the 11th place.

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