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SNBRN Unveils 'Gangsta Walk' With Unreleased Nate Dogg Vocal

California DJ SNBRN got access to the estate of Hip Hop Legend Nate Dogg and incorporated a unreleased acapella track into "Gangsta Walk''. On the track, SNBRN lays down a groovy house backbone with luscious chord progressions and a deep, throbbing bass line, all underlined by the late R&B sing. Any week with new music from SNBRN is a good week. Last year, the L.A. producer championed “Sunset House,” a stunning marriage between West Coast hip-hop and dance music, with remixes of 50 Cent, Mark Morrison and The Game.
His latest feat? Somehow getting his hands on an unreleased Nate Dogg a capella for “Gangsta Walk.” 

Spotify playlists wise "Gangsta Walk" is on at least 116 playlists with a 3600K Plays. 

Nate Dogg may have died in 2011 at the young age of 41, but his music lives on in hip-hop history. Many artists who died while still active have material surface after their death, but little official music has emerged from the Dogg estate since 2011. Now SNBRN has been given a golden opportunity with a special acapella from the Nate Dogg estate to use his vocal in a new track titled "Gangsta Walk." 
The new track combines a hi-hop influenced, summery house instrumental, with the smooth and effortlessly, smooth and fast flow of Nate Dogg into one tune. The Nate Dogg vocal gives the track a nostalgic feel over a new school instrumental. It is a powerful meeting of two different worlds. 



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