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This is  NLVi latest singles, Shanghai 19", a cover of the classic Chinese songs "Night in Shanghai," the genre is "Future House." NLVi have been working overseas for many years in the music industry. So how they come up the idea to remix this classic song?
When they went back to their hometown - Taiwan in April 2016 and meet with some old friends, they started to talk about how and when were their first time to hear about EDM, which was in the first Taipei Dance Club "Club Underground" in 2002. Through the help of some friends NLVi have the opportunity to join the "Blue Moon Records" and play in the most famous nightclub club "EDGE" in Taipei. During that period of time they have met a lot of good friends, and also gained a deep knowledge of electronic music, remixing and mastering music.

When they talked about the most memorable songs at that period, everyone said it is the PsyTrance genre version of "Night in Shanghai" produced by ‘Blue Moon Records’, it is a very precious memories and important time for them, because that was the starting point for NLVi, so they decided to recreate this song and to share it with the different generations, which is always their original purpose - to continue making music and move forward in the music industry.
NLVi will continue to pursue their efforts in electronic music, and look forward to shine internationally very soon.


NLVi are an Asian EDM production duo formed in 2013 through the collaboration of Nova Lee and Sebastian Leon (aka Virusindigo).
Four-Four-to-the-floor kicks, sizzling hi-hats and soaring synths are not the kind of sounds you would expect to hear emanating from a production studio in Singapore & Taipei, but you will find them all here distilled down into one monster of an international dance tune debut, “Amplifier”, “Stay”, “Lalaland”..etc. produced by a Taipei based production duo. Paying homage to the Swedish House sound in full foot-tapping, arm-waving, Technicolor EDM-style tracks digs at the roots of traditional house while at the same time screams out to be layed in some of today’s biggest clubs and festivals across the world. Concurrently it would be just at home in small clubs as well as nestled alongside any other top pop tracks on your car stereo.



Nova Lee(Taiwanese) and Sebastian (Singaporean) first met by chance in 1997 when they both studied the same digital music recording course in London. They were the only two Asians on the course at the time and so naturally gravitated towards each other soon becoming good friends. Once they discovered they both shared a love of the same kind of music and had ambitions to produce themselves one day they decided to look for the right opportunity to work together.
Through the intervening years Nova honed his skills as one of Taipei’s top EDM DJs and promoters having staged events and worked alongside the likes of Avicii, Tiesto, Hardwell, Alesso, Blasterjaxx, Dash BerlinArmin van Burren…and many more. Meantime Sebastian kept himself busy as a professional studio musician.

Even though from different backgrounds and different countries they are united by a common desire to release international quality dance music produced in Asia and to make their own unique contribution to the global club scene that they themselves have enjoyed very much over the years. It was their love of club music and culture that finally compelled them to put their inhibitions aside and have a stab at making their own EDM tracks.

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