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ToCo Newsletter - April 2020

This month we have 4 new priority releases and a Music Worx chart #1 single to remind you about.



The latest single from Chris Odd (ft. Jess Hayes) – Heavy Heart will be released globally on 24 April 2020 (Priority A)*.
After last year "We Used To Have It All', Chris Odd and Jess Hayes are delivering a massive bright new tune for this spring called "Heavy Heart".

Listening Link:


The debut release from The Electrodes - Now Or Never will be released globally on 3 April 2020 (Priority A)*
The Electrodes are an EDM duo coming fresh out of East India with their own unique sound. Passion is the best word that can describe their music. The duo are more than just a performer and a music producer, they see themselves as artists whose canvas is the human ear. Now Or Never is their first single to release with ToCo International, more are in the pipeline. Give them your full support.

Listening Link:
Listening Link: (Available on 3 April 2020)


The new track from Voyager2 feat. Jess Hayes – Misleading Me will be released globally on 10 April 2020 (Priority A)*.
Voyager2 (Rob Davis’ alias ) teams up with Jess Hayes for a dance track. As you may remember, Jess Hayes has been the vocalist in a lot of ToCo releases, for example ‘’Who Are You’’, ‘’Keep On Walking’’, ‘’We Used To Have It All’’.  Jess Hayes’ smooth and appealing voice makes her one of the most-streamed ToCo’s artists.

Listening Link:


New track from Gabi Newman feat. Chia Rose – (And It) Hurtz will be released globally on 17 April 2020 (Priority A)*.
Gabi Newman joined ToCo as a priority artist this year. His first dance single released under ToCo International is teamed up with Chia Rose who has previously released ‘’Enough Of A Woman’’. Gabi Newman is a Spanish producer who was previously an in-house producer for Blanco Y Negro. Get your dancing shoes ready for Gabi Newman!

Listening Link:


Stay Tuned:

  • Zephyrtone & Shane Hendrix’ second collaboration ‘’Know Your Name’’ will be released on 1 May, more information to follow
  • Justin Ripassa, new track ‘’Coming Home’’ will be released on 22 May (postponed from April), more information to follow
  • Digital Kay first single in 2020 ‘’Feel’’ will be released on 8 May, more information to follow
  • Samantha ColeHitchhiker (The Remixes) will be released in May, more information to follow



  • DJ The Wave – You’re So Basic is this week’s #1 on Music Worx International Weekly Charts Top 50 on week 13
  • Noah - Beyond charted at #12 on Music Worx International Weekly Charts Top 50 on week 13
  • Zaydro feat. Jess Hayes – Who Are You charted at #13 on Music Worx International Weekly Charts Top 50 on week 13
  • Chris Odd feat. Amber Sky – We Own Tonight (The Remixes) charted at #30 on Music Worx International Weekly Charts Top 50 on week 13


Other notable ToCo releases this month

PercMerc Get Geeky (Release date 08 April 2020)*
Xaverius Funk Wicked (D-Wayne Remix) (Release date 9 April 2020)***
Eneli feat. Tobi Ibitoye Nowhere (naBBoo & Todd Haze Remix) (Release date 15 April 2020)***
Harris & Hurr Back & Forth (Woody Bianchi Remix)***
Lorenz Koin Dancefloor Anthem (Release date 1 April 2020)***
Moon Arch I Feel (Release date 15 April 2020)***
Ryan Claud I'll Be There For You




For the link to listen, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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ToCo Newsletter - March 2020

This month we have 4 new priority releases with 2 remix packs.



New track from Zaydro feat. Jess Hayes - Who Are You will be released globally on 6 March 2020(Priority AA)***.
Zaydro new single Who Are You is a collaboration with Rob Davis, and with the beautiful vocal from Jess Hayes, it will definitely blow your mind away.

Listen Link:


New track from Voyager2 feat. Karisha – Beauty Is Power will be released globally on 13 March 2020(Priority A)*.
Voyager2 (Rob Davis’ alias ) teams up with Karisha for a dance track. Karisha is a 17 years old beautiful Russian girl with a very sweet voice. Have a listen and you will feel the sweetness from the beats.

Listen Link:


New track from Cheryl Tugade - Think Of You will be released globally on 13 March 2020(Priority A)***.
A brand new single from our 16 years old singer/rapper/songwriter Cheryl Tugade ‘’Think Of You’’. With its catchy melody, upbeat production, and relatable lyrics, ‘Think of You’ is an indie-pop tune that will make you want to both dance and reminisce about an old relationship.It was written and performed by Cheryl Tugade, and co-produced by Rap Sanchez and Cheryl Tugade.

Listen Link:


New track from Daïtshi feat. Annamarie Rosanio - Her will be released globally on 20 March 2020(Priority A)*.
Daitshi is a Japanese Deep House producer & artist, he had bis break-through in 2015 with the single ‘’Coming After You’’ which received millions of streams. ‘’Her’’ is a second single that Daitshi released with ToCo International. An official lyric video will follow shortly.

Listen link:


New remix pack from Chris Odd feat. Amber Skyes – We Own Tonight (The Remixes) will be released globally on 20 March 2020(Priority A)*.

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ToCo Newsletter - February 2020

This month we have 4 priority releases.



New track from Zaydro feat. Jess Hayes - Who Are You will be released globally on 28 February 2020(Priority AA)***.
Zaydro new single Who Are You is a collaboration with Rob Davis, and with the beautiful vocal from Jess Hayes, it will definitely blow your mind away.

Listen Link:


New track from Wonderloop & Gibson Brothers - Cuba (2K20) will be released globally on 14 February 2020(Priority A)*.
The Gibson Brothers’ signature Disco/Salsa style is back with 2 new remixes from Wonderloop!

Listen Link:


New track from Cheryl Tugade – Honest (Remix) will be released globally on 21 February 2020(Priority A)*.
After released 3 single last year, one of her best single Honest is remixed by our inhouse producer Zaydro & Low Keys.
Her new single is also on the pipeline to release in March.

Listen Link:

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ToCo Newsletter - January 2020

We are off to an exciting start to the year with our first round of releases.  First up:

Thomas Will feat. Roni Tran – After All will be released globally on 24 January 2020 (Priority AA)***
After 6 singles with millions of streams, the Finnish EDM duo Thomas Will will release their 2nd single with ToCo entitled  ‘’After All’’. Their 1st single with ToCo, ‘’Never Leave’’, has done really well around the world in territories such as Germany, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Finland, and Chile. It was also placed in some of the biggest Spotify Playlists,  for example, Tomorrowland Is Love.
This year, watch out for Thomas Will!


Ultrasun - Can't Stop This Feeling (DJ Scott-e Remix) will be released globally on 31 January 2020 (Priority A)***
Ultrasun is back! Their hit single Can’t Stop This Feeling has undergone the Scott-E remix treatment. Scott-E has overcome personal obstacles and produced a remix for this hit. Get your dance shoes ready!

Listen Link:


ReRa – Way Up (Album) will be released globally on 10 January 2020 (Priority A)***.
After releasing 3 well-received singles from the album, ReRa (formerly known as Rebecca_1147) brings you her first studio album. Be prepared to be surprised.


Trinix – Find Me will be released globally on 17 January 2020 (Priority AA)***

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ToCo Newsletter - December 2019

A. Martin Kerr – Enemy (The Remixes) will be released globally on 13 December 2019 (Priority AA)***

Born and raised in the English countryside, Martin Kerr has built his career one passer-by at a time. In 2017 his independent album went to #2 on iTunes and hit Top 10 on Canada Album Sales Chart. Enemy (The Remixes) (featuring mixes from inhouse stalwarts Chris Odd, ZROQ, Digital Kay, Low Keys & more) is the first single that Martin releases with ToCo International and puts him somewhere between Radiohead and Ed Sheeran. Go figure. His next single ‘’You’re Amazing’’ is planned for early 2020.

Something more:
- Martin has penciled in a self-funded tour of Asia in early 2020
- video ID / Materials can be provided as per request
- in Canada, Martin already sells 2000+ tickets for his solo shows
- Martin also in discussions to cover a song by the well-known Hong Kong artist GEM in Mandarin

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ToCo Newsletter - November 2019

Zephyrtone – Alone will be released on 8 November (Priority AA)***
After the collaboration with Shane Hendrix in March, Zephyrtone returns with a catchy pop single ALONE which will blow your mind away.

DJ The Wave – You’re So Basic will be released on 29 November. (Priority AA)***
DJ The Wave is an Austrian DJ who started his music career back to 1995. ‘’You’re So Basic’’ reflects the current society with witty examples & the sound is hip and trendy.

DJ Jelani feat. Leee John and Rob Davis - What Am I Gonna Do (Remixes) will be released globally on 3 different dates, 25 Oct, 8 Nov & 22 Nov(Priority A)*

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ToCo Newsletter - October 2019

Chris Odd feat. Amber Skyes – We Own Tonight will be released on 18 October 2019. (Priority AA)*

Released to time with this year’s ADE, Chris Odd has teamed up with Amber Skyes for a progressive house smash that will rock your dance floor. This single supported by campaigns on Top Playlists and DJ Times USA.

Thomas Will – Never Leave will be released on 11 October 2019 (Priority A)***

Don’t get confused by the name, Thomas Will is a Finnish electronic production duo formed in 2016, you can find their full bio in the download link.

Leila Aarden – Now It’s Gone will be released on 18 October 2019. (Priority A)*

Another ADE release, Leila brings you her sassy and impassioned second solo single which is sure to make you fall in love with her soulful voice.

Samantha Cole - Midnight Confession will be released on 18 October 2019. (Priority A)***

A big star in the ’90s & ’00s in her own right and through her collaboration with Shaggy – Luv Me, Luv Me - the songstress Samantha Cole returns with a teaser track from her upcoming EP. Signed to Universal and EMI at a young age Sam has written a number of big hits songs for Diane Warren, Boyz II Men, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and many more throughout her career. This October, she is releasing the single  ‘’Midnight Confession’’, which will form part of her forthcoming EP entitled ‘’Human’’, set for release in early 2020.

Sidney Samson, Linka & Outgang - In Control will be released on 10 October 2019. (Priority A)***

Fasten your seatbelts, Sidney Samson, Linka and Outgang will unleash an energetic bass house that will make you jump up from your chair. HYPE!

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ToCo Newsletter - September 2019

Bono Badja & Chris Odd - Looking Back will be released on 27 September 2019. (Priority A)*

Chris Odd teams up with the new talent Bono Badja on this new release. Knowing each other from parties in the Netherlands they decided to create a powerful pop dance track with some trap elements together. 

New track from Sergio Mauri feat. OMZ – Talk To Me will be released on 20 September 2019. (Priority A)***

Zaydro – Dive In will be released on 27 September 2019. (Priority A)***

This is the first solo Zaydro single to be released by ToCo. His name might already be familiar to you courtesy of the various hot remixes he has produced for us already for Jeffery Sutorius, Chris Odd & Zephyrtone. 

Nightfreaks feat. Leila Aarden – Smile (Rodney Balai Remix) will be released on 13 September 2019. (Priority A)*

I am sure you are very familiar with Nightfreaks, he has released a lot of hits recordings with us including ‘’What’s Holding You Back’’, “Ain’t No Use To Me’’ etc. And Leila's first solo single has also be released on 26 July 2019.


  • Chris Odd – We Used To Have It All entered the DJ top 100 at #74 in Germany the DDP Chart
  • ZROQ - Dream Come True is on Channel [V] playlist 3 weeks in a row
  • Jeffrey Sutorius – Bad Days (Zaydro Remix) new entry charting at #45 on Music International Week Charts on week 32
  • Digital Kay – Away From Here new entry charting at #33 on Music Worx International Week Charts Top 50 on week 31, #27 on week 32 & week 33, #33 on Week 34
  • Nipri & Lacreme feat. Zhiko - Just A Drean charted at #30 on Music Worx International Week Charts Top 50 on week 31, #35 on week 32, #39 on week 33, #37 on week 34


Other ToCo releases this month

Chris Odd feat. Jess Hayes We Used To Have It All (The Remixes)*
Filippin feat. Jordie Fitzgibbon Chasing After You (Release date 20 September 2019)***
Lightfreaks Ready!*
Lightfreaks Ready! (Official Video)*
Sergio Mauri & Alex Nocera Shout***
Stephan feat. Denise Reina*
Stephan feat. Denise Reina (Official Lyric Video)*
DJ Ostkurve feat. Enzo Amos & Big Daddi That's Amore (2K20) ***
Kery Fay Anywhere***
Mister Music vs Doctor Beat It Takes Time***
René de la Moné & Slin Project I Believe In Love***
René de la Moné & Slin Project I Believe In Love (The Remixes)***
Shaun Baker Dare***
Tosch & Little-H feat. Kamyla Don't Look Back***
Fred Pellichero x Victor Porfidio Firefighter***
Martin Mix & NVCTS The Floor Is The Ceiling (Release date 06 September 2019) ***
WAMI & TIBA Bet You Think***





For link to listen, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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ToCo Newsletter - August 2019

New single from ‘’Nightfreaks feat. Leila Aarden - Smile''  will be released on 9 Aug 2019. (Priority A)*
I am sure you are very familiar with Nightfreaks, he has released a lot of hits recordings with us including ‘’What’s Holding You Back’’, “Ain’t No Use To Me’’ etc. And Leila first solo single will also be released on 26 July 2019.

New remix ‘’Rebecca_1147 – I’m A Devil (Club Mix)’’ will be released on 6 Aug 2019. (Priority A)***

New remix for ‘’Trinix – Rodeo (Remix)’’ will be released globally on 9 Aug 2019. (Priority A)**

New remix for ‘’ZROQ - Dream Come True (Zaydro Remix)’’ will be released on 16 Aug 2019. (Priority A)*



  • ZROQ - Dream Come True is on MTV Asia ‘’SPOTPLAY’’ week 29
  • ZROQ feat. Terry Dexter  - You Will See Me Again will NOT be released due to an external issue
  • Chris Odd ‘’Looking Back’’ postponed the release to mid-Sep
  • Romeo Blanco - Dealer new entry charting at #30 on Music Worx International Week Charts Top 50 on week 26, #35 on week 27, #38 on week 28,#44 on week 29
  • Libe feat. DJ Natale – All Right charted at #48 on Music Worx International Week Charts Top 50 on week 26
  • Luke Db & Franky D.P – Runnin’ Away new entry charting at #42 on Music Worx International Week Charts Top 50 on week 27, #39 on week 28, #46 on week 29
  • Rebecca_1147 – I’m A Devil new entry charting at #45 on Music Worx International Week Charts Top 50 on week 29


Other ToCo releases this month

Chris Odd & Moreno Chembele Santa Maria (Release date 02 August 2019)*
Chris Odd feat. Jess Hayes We Used To Have It All (Digital Kay Remix) (Release date 26 July 2019)*
Chris Odd feat. Jess Hayes We Used To Have It All (D-Guan Remix) (Release date 09 August 2019)*
Nelson G The Big Picture (Release date 16 August 2019)*
Nelson G The Big Picture (Official Video) (Release date 16 August 2019)*
Sensation feat. Malcolm Green Where Is The Love (Release date 02 August 2019)*
Sensation feat. Malcolm Green Where Is The Love (Official Video) (Release date 02 August 2019)*
Samma Let Me Free (Release date 07 August 2019)***
Samma Let Me Free (IMG Video) (Release date 07 August 2019)***
Black Domino Flying***
Black Domino Flying (Official Video)***
Rivaz & Botteghi feat. Emarie Que Rico***
Oliver Rosa & Sir Notch For You (Release date 02 August 2019)***
Clambake & Rav3era Oldschool (Release date 01 August 2019)***
Linka x Mondello' G feat. GC (Gate Citizens) Butt (Release date 08 August 2019)***
Project Blue Sun Dime Si Tú**
The Klubbfreak Deep In Love (Soulful House Mix)***
The Klubbfreak Feel Good***
The Klubbfreak For A Dream (Ibiza 2019 Mix)***
John Asknew Through The Looking Glass**
Cosmic Gate Come With Me**
Ferry Corsten & BT 1997**
Giuseppe Ottaviani Colours**
Maarten De Jong R3S3T**
John O'Callaghan Choice Of The Angels (Sean Tyas Remix)**
Christina Novelli & Madticks Holding On (Acoustic Mix) (Release date 02 August 2019)***





For link to listen, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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ToCo Newsletter - July 2019

ToCo Newsletter - July 2019


New single from ‘’Digital Kay – Away From Here’’ will be released on 12 July 2019.


(Priority AA)*
After the very successful release of ‘’House Of Mystery’’, Digital Kay is back with a new single which is by far one of his best tracks to date. This is going to be a hit 😊

New single from 'TJ Jenkins - Best For You' will be released on 5 July 2019. (Priority AA)*
TJ Jenkins (Thomas de la Rosa), 19, has been passionate about music since early childhood.
At barely 14 he was picked up by the production house MMI Music / SIMA, as a development artist, and by 17 he secured a management deal with DJL London.
As he continues to mature, his musical talent becomes ever more interesting. The future for TJ is very bright.

New single from ‘’Low Keys – I Know You Better’’ will be released on 12 July 2019. (Priority A)*

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ToCo Newsletter - June 2019

ToCo Newsletter - June 2019


New single from Chris Odd feat. Jess Hayes - We Used To Have It All will be released on 21 June 2019. (AA)

This song is written by Rob Davis and Chris Odd. Rob is one of the UK’s leading song writers and has written hit songs for Spiller, Kylie Minogue, Mika, and many more.

New single from ZROQ – Dream Come True will be released on 14 June 2019. (AA)
ZROQ is a Dutch producer, who has worked with many Top 100 DJs since 2012, including David Guetta, Avicii, Nicky Romero. Spinnin’ also released his first album back then.
This is our first single with ZROQ and more will be coming.

New single ‘’Rebecca_1147 – I’m A Devil’’ will be released on 21 June 2019. (A)
Rebecca_1147 is an Austrian born artist and lecturer in song writing and composing at a music university in Vienna. More from Rebecca_1147 in the pipeline.

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Shane Hendrix ''It Don't Matter'' listen here!

All major streaming links here














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Shane Hendrix ''It Don't Matter'' charted #6 in America!


Search no longer! The 2018 Summer Bop is here !

Many US pop fans might have heard ''It Don’t Matter'' coming out of speakers in stores across America last week as the song entered at the No. 6 spot on the 'What’s in store Chart' out of nowhere, predicting Shane Hendrix to be one of the most promising new artists out there.

Check out the brand new music video for ''It Don't Matter'' shot in the desert outside Las Vegas.

Shane Hendrix is also making waves in his native country Belgium where ''Party Like A Rockstar'' already hit the Top10 on the iTunes Pop Chart!

''It Don't Matter'' will be released on 24 August via ToCo International. Stay tuned!

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Zephyrtone is now available for Live Shows !

We would like to present to you Zephyrtone, now available for live bookings worldwide.

Their hit records ‘’Only You’’ and ‘’ Dance The Pain Away ’’ are both available in your territory, and their 3rd sensational new single “Hear Me” will be released very soon.

- Music Duo with LIVE vocals, currently a youth sensation
- Released their debut EP “Shooting Stars” in 2016 + “Only You” and “Dance The Pain Away” in 2017/8
- Played over 60 shows last season in which 40+ were college campus shows to 100,000+ college students 
- Their release ‘’Only You’’ has reached over 10 Million views. This is the highest number of views for any electronic artist's track in India

Hit Records-

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''Set You Free'' - old school breakbeat mixed together with happy hardcore!

SONJOOZ feat. Viktoria - Set You Free

“Set You Free” mixes old school breakbeat and happy hardcore piano style with the sound of now. SONJOOZ has created a unique track with a wild energy that will excite everybody. Get your dance shoes ready and unlock the weekend to “Set You Free”.

Sonjooz is a project initiated by multi awarded music producer Luc Rigaux (Belgium) and female singer VIKTORIA (UK). “Set You Free” entered UK MUSIC WEEK Pop Commercial charts at #15. When she first heard it, Viktoria was completely blown away.

Luc Rigaux has produced music for many years. Having had his tracks released by some of the best labels around the world (Ministry Of Sound / Disco:Wax / Universal / EMI etc) he has hit the singles and dance charts across Europe under many artist names as a producer or remixer.

Viktoria is a British singer and writer from Sheffield. She has previously worked with some producers, writers and managers in the UK (Paul Fairey – Jorden Milnes – Tim Ellis – Mark Turner - William Kofi…) and also in Norway (Deepfrost). Later she moved to Belgium and met Luc Rigaux.

Joined by some other producers and musicians they started working together on Viktoria’s solo debut album (Adult contemporary style).

But at the same time Luc decided to get Viktoria to explore another facet of her songwriting creativity. Then he came to her with the instrumental version of the song later titled “Set You Free”, for which Viktoria wrote the lyrics.

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A Surprising and Powerful song- Chris Odd & Elton Smith ft Kédo Rebelle ‘Hold you down’


Hold You Down - Chris Odd & Elton Smith ft. Kedo Rebelle

Hold You Down blends Kédo Rebelle’s characteristic, irresistible pop-infected vocals over Chris & Elton’s anthemic signature, melody-driven production. It has all the makings of another club smash with sweet, lively chords bouncing along to retro tinged House drums, making sure the energy is ever present. The beat drops with powerful chords and simple pitched vocals creating a wonderfully groovy sound.

The talented Dutch DJ/producer Chris Odd is no stranger to ToCo. He has already released a number of awesome deep house tracks through the label and has always approached his productions with total dedication.

Chris and Elton Smith have worked on a number of singles together over the last couple of years, despite Elton literally being half way around the world in Australia! Some say long distance relationships don’t work. Well this one is certainly putting that cliché to the test and producing some killer tunes as a result. 

Feedback ZIPDJ crew:

‘’If this was Justin Bieber you would be hearing this everywhere already! It really is that good. DJs have four mixes to choose from. We prefer the really cool Extended Mix, and the Fran Garcia mix is also super interesting. This is a super strong pop single. You need this!’’


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Don't Miss Out This Year Upcoming Hit DJ - Sergio Mauri

Don't Miss Out This Year Upcoming Hit DJ - Sergio Mauri

Sergio Mauri is one of the most popular Italian DJ/Producers. In his 20-years of career he has played in the most prestigious clubs in Italy and Europe: from Palma de Mallorca (BCM) nr. 10 in the top100 clubs of DJmag, to Moscow in Russia, from Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt), to his last "Camelot tour" in clubs throughout France, up in Switzerland and of course in Italy: Papeete Beach (Milano Marittima), Praja and Samsara (Gallipoli), Hollywood (Milan), Sesto Senso (Desenzano del Garda), Zangola (Madonna di Campiglio), Baia Imperiale (Rimini), Campania, Sicily, Sardinia, ect.

He also played in the most important Italian Festival like Nameless (Lecco) and Reload (Turin).

Sergio has also had the privilege and honor to open with his DJ set in front of 80,000 people for Vasco Rossi concert at San Siro Stadium in Milan and the Olimpico Stadium in Rome and has shared the stage with international DJs such as Calvin Harris , W & W, Juicy M, StadiumX and many others.

His tracks are supported by top international DJs: Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Djs from Mars, Vinai, Juicy M, YvesV, Thomas Gold and they reached the top ten charts of Beatport and iTunes.
Sergio has also remixed many famous artists around the world as: Michelle Weeks, Andrea Love, Leroy Gomez (famous singer of the historical group of Santa Esmeralda - Do Not Let Me Be Misunderstood), Molella (Revolution 2010), Desaparecidos feat. Big Ali and the famous Italian hip hop group: Gemelli Diversi - “Per FARTI sorridere” in the summer of 2012.

His latest single "Goodbye" was supported by all the top Italian radio: Radio 105, M2o, Studio +, Vivafm, RadioCompany and several colleagues djs.


After several releases including Euphoria, Hardtronik, Deeper that led him to play up in India and Spain and with his constant tours in Italy, Sergio Mauri is back with his new single
GOODBYE. A track with a fresh sound for this 2017 that sees the Italian dj Sergio Mauri returns to the musical roots that introduced him to the general public, the track incorporate a
powerful vocal within a carefully refined production that provides an instantly catchy melody blend with energetic beats. GOODBYE shows that has all the ingredients to be a potential
HIT in the coming months, it appreciated in Radio and on the Dancefloor. 

Offical YouTube Video


Click Here for Video 


Click Here for Video



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Are you a 'Danceaholic'


Five years after Benny Benassi released his chart-dominating album Electroman, the Italian maestro will once again satisfy the cravings of dance music addicts with the release of his new album Danceaholic.

The 15-track offering serves as a perfect blend of old and new, demonstrating Benassi’s forward-thinking approach and illustrious ability to remain relevant. Consisting of reworks of previously released tracks and a bevy of fresh new tunes as well as collaborations with both longtime dance veterans and up-and-coming artists, Danceaholic proves Benassi’s genre-defying capabilities to explore new styles outside of his electro-driven wheelhouse.

DANCEAHOLIC #1 iTunes Dance in the US and Canada! 

#1 iTunes Dance India

Top 25 iTunes Dance in 6 markets including #21 UK, #4 Russia, #7 South Africa and more!


Benassi’s latest creation showcases seven tracks that have already destroyed dancefloors, anchored by his collaboration with Chris Brown “Paradise” which has undoubtedly become this summer’s anthem. “Paradise” has held strop in the Top 50 UK charts for nearly 10 weeks, boasting more than 40 million video streams and 18 million Spotify streams. Other reworks on the album include an updated version of the 2013 popular sing-along collaboration with Grammy Award-winning superstar John Legend, “Dance The Pain Away,” a deeper edit of the tech-house, chart-topping retro groove “I Wanna Be Disco” which Benassi teamed up with fellow Italian producer Chicco Secci on, and a slowed down ‘Back to the Future’ mix of “Who I Am,” Benassi’s 2015 collaboration with rising star Marc Benjamin. Additionally, Danceaholic reincarnates the heavy slammer “Shooting Helicopters,” featuring vocals from System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian, and “Gangsta,” the successful collaboration with fellow dance music mainstay MOGUAI. The LP is rounded out by a newer track released previously this year, the progressive house anthem “Even If,” which has nearly 2 million Spotify streams topped Beatport’s Progressive House charts.

Danceaholic also serves up a cocktail of new offerings that span the modern music landscape while maintaining Benassi’s iconic ‘Electroman’ sound. The titular single “Danceaholic” is a club-ready groove consisting of anthemic electro beats and distorted robotic vocals reminiscent of industry icons Daft Punk. “Out of Control” serves as the vocal version to “Beardo,” Benny’s self-dubbed alter ego which manifests in the an exceptional underground club track that overlays Richard Judge’s deep haunting vocals atop future house hybrid synths. Benassi also partnered up with fellow Italian producer and longtime cohort MazZz on three of the tracks, including the darker more emotional track “Carousel,” “Analog Heart,” which mashes electro-house and psytrance sounds with an uptempo trance beat, and heavy-hitting house slammer “West Coast Patrol” which the duo produced alongside Chris Nasty. Emblematic of Benassi’s more recent vocally-driven work, Danceaholic also features collaborations with stellar vocal artists including airy croons from synth-pop artist Sheare on “I Keep Running,” uplifting bellows from BullySongs on progressive feel-good anthem “Universe,” and smooth sensual wails from Fatherdude on the slow-churning electro groove “Pandemonium.”

Since launching to fame with his global smash “Satisfaction” in 2002, Benassi has established himself as a legend in his own right and even earned a Grammy for his 2007 remix of Public Enemy’s “Bring The Noise.” Soon after his collaboration with Chris Brown on the #1 pop-hit “Beautiful People” came his partnership with star vocalist Gary Go that yielded Cinema.

An EP of epic proportions, the original radio edit went Gold in the US and Platinum in both Australia and Canada, with Skrillex’s thunderous remix occupying the Top 100 on the iTunes US Dance Chart for five years and swooping a Grammy for “Best Remixed Recording" in the process.



01 Benny Benassi & Chris Brown - Paradise

02 Benny Bennasi - Danceholic

03 Benny Benassi feat. Richard Judge - Out Of Control

04 Benny Benassi feat. BullySongs - Universe

05 MOGUAI & Benny Benassi - Gangsta (Radio edit)

06 Benny Benassi & Vassy - Even If (Radio Edit)

07 Benny Benassi & MazZz feat. Elle Vee - Carousel

08 Chicco Secci & Benny Benassi feat. Bonnie Calean - I Wanna Be Disco (2016 Edit)

09 Benny Benassi & David Zowie feat. FATHERDUDE - Pandemonium

10 Benny Benassi feat. John Legend - Dance The Pain Away (2016 Edit)

11 Benny Benassi feat. Sheare - I Keep Running

12 Benny Benassi & Marc Benjamin feat. Christian Burns - Who I Am (Back To The Future Mix)

13 Benny Benassi x Chris Nasty X MazZz - West Coast Patrol

14 Benny Benassi feat. Serj Tankian - Shooting Helicopters

15 Benny Benassi & MaZzz - Analog Heart

16 Benny Benassi - I Wanna Be A DJ

Bonus Tracks:

17 Benny Benassi - Beardo (Radio Edit)

18 Benny Benassi - Back To The Pump



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