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A Surprising and Powerful song- Chris Odd & Elton Smith ft Kédo Rebelle ‘Hold you down’


Hold You Down - Chris Odd & Elton Smith ft. Kedo Rebelle

Hold You Down blends Kédo Rebelle’s characteristic, irresistible pop-infected vocals over Chris & Elton’s anthemic signature, melody-driven production. It has all the makings of another club smash with sweet, lively chords bouncing along to retro tinged House drums, making sure the energy is ever present. The beat drops with powerful chords and simple pitched vocals creating a wonderfully groovy sound.

The talented Dutch DJ/producer Chris Odd is no stranger to ToCo. He has already released a number of awesome deep house tracks through the label and has always approached his productions with total dedication.

Chris and Elton Smith have worked on a number of singles together over the last couple of years, despite Elton literally being half way around the world in Australia! Some say long distance relationships don’t work. Well this one is certainly putting that cliché to the test and producing some killer tunes as a result. 

Feedback ZIPDJ crew:

‘’If this was Justin Bieber you would be hearing this everywhere already! It really is that good. DJs have four mixes to choose from. We prefer the really cool Extended Mix, and the Fran Garcia mix is also super interesting. This is a super strong pop single. You need this!’’


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