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qub - a trio, a concept, a visual

qub - a trio, a concept, a visual 

qub is a group of 3 brothers, qub is about music, qub is about visuals and qub is about people. qub is a concept. qub is about a parallel universe. qub is not about exact details, qub is about ideas. qub.

qub is a newly established project in the US and its main genres are Future R&B and Future Bass. This project is signed from scratch, mostly because of the cool sound and its similarity to projects like Disclosure, Years and Years, Chainsmokers, etc.

After the release of "Home", “Hold You” is the second single off the “qub – Before the Sin” album, which will release in late 2017. The concept of the videos is just a teaser to what the whole album has to offer and is referring to a parallel universe, where there would be no Original Sin, thus people wouldn’t be ashamed of their nakedness. Simply put, most videos will revolve around this concept of having regular people do regular stuff, but naked. Intriguing as it may seem, all videos will be closely censored, as you can see in “qub– Hold You”.

Offical YouTube Video


Offical YouTube Video 



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