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ToCo Newsletter - November 2020

This November, we have 2 new AA Priority Release and 1 new AA Priority remixes to keep your winter warm.

*Please also noted that this year our release date cut-off is on 18 December 2020, release will resume again on 8 January 2021. Anything you wish to release please schedule outside this period.



1) Gigolo Romeo is Saray Lara’s debut single. The track was produced by ToCo stalwarts Dr CigZag & DJ Alimario and will be released globally on 6 November 2020(Priority AA) *
Saray Lara is a beautiful new 18 year old Spanish singer, songwriter, model, and multi-talented artist that we have high hopes for. Hence the AA Priority. Check out her classy video and EPK in the link below and you will soon see why. She is described as the possible next Mariah Carey because of her big soaring notes and energy.

Gigolo Romeo is self-penned. It’s an RnB/Pop track with catchy lyrics and beats that will definitely keep spinning in your head. One not to miss from your priority release schedule this Autumn. We also have 3 more singles in the pipeline for Saray which will provide us with the perfect opportunity to build a good story around her and to develop this new act.


            Listen Link: tocorecordings/dr-cigzag-dj- alimario-presents-saray-lara- gigolo-romeo


2) New single track from Anonic feat. Satch - Radiate will be released globally on 27 November 2020 (Priority AA) *
Anonic (alias Rob Davis), one of the UK’s most prolific and successful musicians and producers, also Grammy award-winning songwriter, bring you his collaboration this November with Satch.
Satch is an intrinsic natural talent, combined with compelling charisma and razor-shape drive. You can find his full bio in the download pack.


            Listen Link: tocorecordings/anonic-feat- satch-radiate


3) The first remix pack from Zaydro feat. Jess Hayes – You Can’t Escape My Love (The Remixes Vol.2 ) will be released globally on 27 November 2020. (Priority AA)*.
After Who Are You, here’s another essential pop dance collaboration between Zaydro and Jess Hayes, co-written by Rob Davis. Zaydro’s hi-tech production combined with the smooth and catchy melody and the great vocal delivery from Jess ensures that no one can escape the love of this song. This remix pack included 4 remixes from 2 different remixers, Chris Odd and Digital Kay


            Listen Link:
            Chris Odd: tocorecordings/zaydro-feat- jess-hayes-you-cant-escape-my- love-chris-odd-edit
            Digital Kay: tocorecordings/zaydro-feat- jess-hayes-you-cant-escape-my- love-digital-kay-radio-mix


Stay Tuned:

  • Zephyrtone – Hurts Like Hell (The Remixes Vol.2) will be released in December
  • After a long break, Digital Kay will bring you his new single Higher in December
  • New single from Nighfreaks feat. Jess Hayes - Restless will also be released before Xmas time



  • The Klubbfreak – U Want It (House Mix) charted at #50 on Music Worx International Charts Top 50 on week 41, #41 on Asia weekly Charts Top 50 & #35 on Oceania weekly Chart top 50 on week 43
  • Noah - Beyond (Digital Kay Remix) charted at #9 on Music Worx Europe Weekly Chart & #27 on North America weekly Charts Top 50 on week 43
  • Cliff Scholes – In My Heart charted at #29 on Music Worx South America Weekly Chart Top 50 on week 43


 Other notable ToCo Priority B releases this month

Abyale & Debbralee Wells Hey World (Now Is The Time) (DJ Esteban L.O.V.E. Remixes) (Release date 04 November 2020)***
FERREZ feat. Simone Nijssen On My Way (Release date 06 November 2020)***
Chrizz Morisson & Fio Can't Let You Go 2K21 (Release date 11 November 2020)***
Zephyrtone feat. Akshay Oberoi Kuch Lamhe (Release date 13 November 2020)*
The Klubbfreak La Vida (Release date 23 November 2020)*
Maxxima In My Mind (Release date 25 November 2020)***





For the link to listen, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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