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ToCo Newsletter - July 2020


In July, we have 1 new hot dance priority track and 2 remix tracks to keep you busy.



 1) New track from ASHNI, MR.Z - Freak Like Me will be released globally on 3 July 2020 (Priority A)*.
Europe hottest Caribbean/EDM- Pop duo MR.Z and ASHNI are dropping their latest, sensational, hot new track: Freak Like Me. A banging beat and infectious vocals by the two artists are truly a lethal combination, a track that all DJ must have on the dancefloor this summer.  Don’t forget to check out the official video!

Listen Link:


2) New remix pack from Chris Odd x Jess Hayes – Heavy Heart will be released globally on 10 July 2020 (Priority A)*.
Chris Odd and Jess Hayes have delivered a massive tune during spring called "Heavy Heart". This summer, a brand new DJ edition with included French Riviera, Zaydro, Sven Kuhlmann, Cliff Scholes, The Klubbfreak, DJ Scott-e, will definitely bring you a different vibe on the dance floor.

Listen Link:


3) New remix from Zaydro feat. Jess Hayes - Who Are You (Chris Odd Remix) will be released globally on 24 July 2020  (Priority A)*.
Zaydro new single Who Are You is released on 6 March and it is a collaboration with Rob Davis together with the beautiful vocal from Jess Hayes. ‘’Who Are You’’ has charted on #13 on Music Worx International Charts. Digital Kay & DJ Scott-e bring you a new vibe to enjoy ‘’Who Are You’’ in May 2020. Now Chris Odd brings you another version to this dance track. Enjoy and keep dancing 😊

Listen Link:


Stay Tuned:

  • Zephyrtone new single ‘’Hurts Like Hell’’ will be released in August, you can expect a beautiful video, more information to follow.
  • Cliff Scholes new single ‘’Personality’’ will be released in August, more information to follow.
  • Voyager2 feat. Jess HayesBreathe And Believe will be released in August, more details to share.
  • 4 New tracks from Keep Records will also be released in August.



  • Move & Motion feat. Claudia Svitlana – Movin’ Too Fast charted at #46 on Music Worx International Weekly Charts Top 50 on week 26 😊


Other notable ToCo releases this month

Maxxima No More Chances  (Release date 31 July 2020)*
Marster At Night (Release date 31 July 2020)***
The Klubbfreak This is How It’s Done (Flute Mix) (Release date 22 July 2020)*
Downtown 69 feat. Bee Brown Take The Sound (Release date 26 June 2020)***
Silvio Gigante Who Will Save Me (Release date 17 July 2020)*
Elton Smith & Chris Odd The Feeling (Release date 01 July 2020)*
Elton Smith & Chris Odd Let You Go (Release date 15 July 2020)*
Elton Smith & Chris Odd Anymore (Release date 29 July 2020)*
Elton Smith & Chris Odd The Future EP (Release date 12 August 2020)*
DJ Scott-e feat. Georgia Lee I Did It 4 U (Release date 10 July 2020)*
Move & Motion feat. Silvana Almagro When I Get Home (Remix) (Release date 10 July 2020)*
Full Moon Music All I Want (Release date 03 July 2020)*
Various Artists Pop Lounge Emotion (Lounge Mix Of The Best Pop Hits) (Release date 03 July 2020)***





For the link to listen, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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